Wil Winters

The millionth monkey

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About Wil

I write fiction for money … fictional money

Wil Winters wrings tall tales out of his keyboard, for cash, so he can maintain his unkempt appearance and transient lifestyle.

Born in the dry, arid lands of the desert, he has slowly shambled his way around Australia, eventually stopping when his shoes filled with water at the beach. In his “spare” time he enjoys folding people in half using Japanese techniques, and impersonating a drowning giraffe while trying to catch a wave.

His first short story was shortlisted for the Queensland Young Writers Award but he took an extended hiatus from writing after that early success. He popped up periodically to review restaurants, write feature articles for magazines, and be a nuisance on social media.

He has re-emerged, pen in hand, to eek out fantasy tales that make you laugh, gasp and weep.

All of the above are done, with varying levels of success, from his home in sunny Queensland, Australia.

Author’s note on language

This site was written in Australian English, an odd dialect of seemingly random spellings that aren’t quite British and not yet American.

Australian English has an extra u here and there but not everywhere, such as neighbour and colour, but not author. It also shies away from the z associated with Americanized Americanised words. Other words are yet to decide on how to spell themselves, such as programme/program.

Shoulde youse find an spellin’ erroor, chalke it uppe to beinge an Australianizm befoure atting the authoure.

Our bloody dialect is a bloody train wreck, so just bloody sit back and enjoy the bloody quaintness that is Australian bloody English.

Oh, and please, forgive the accent.

P.S. Bloody bloody bloody



Be kind to one another.