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About Wil

My name is Wil Winters and I write stories for you.

Tales of other worlds, of demons, and of children’s lost souls. Tales to make you laugh, gasp and weep.

Also breakdancing clowns.

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Limbus Obscuria: Astrid

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Read debut novel Limbus Obscuria: Astrid

Young Eli Freeman carries the weight of guilt on his shoulders, burdened by the knowledge that his little sister, Astrid, drowned and it was his fault. But the true horror of his mistake is only revealed at her funeral, when he learns that her soul has not ascended to the gates of Paradise, but is trapped in the demon-haunted underworld of Limbus Obscuria, alongside other unanointed children.

With the help of his mischievous imaginary friend, Dusty, Eli embarks on a perilous quest to rescue his beloved sister from the clutches of the underworld. Together, they brave the horrors of Limbus Obscuria, defying the darkness that threatens to swallow them whole.

Astrid is a riveting tale that explores the bond between siblings, the heartache of loss, and the indomitable spirit of clever children. With moments of humor, heartbreak, and wonder, it captures the imagination and reminds us that even in the darkest of places, there is always hope.

Coming Soon


Limbus Obscuria book two

Piper is lost and alone in the godforsaken plane of Limbus Obscuria, determined to find her little brother Tommy and reunite with him once again. After all, it’s her fault he died in the first place.