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Eli Freeman from the novel Astrid, and a flapper

Limbus Obscuria

... such a knack for writing a child's perspective on the world that I think is hard to come by.
Thanks for ripping my heart out of my chest again.

Be sure to have your children anointed to consecrate their souls against eternal horrors. For it is only Anointment that can free us from Natal Sin and the wretched torments of an eternity in Infernos.

In the unrelenting plane of Limbus Obscuria, forgotten by the divine, the souls of unanointed children are cast when they leave our mortal realm. With no guiding hand to lead them, the children must rely on each other to survive the terrors that lurk in every shadow.

Beware the flappers, those dark-winged monsters who prey upon the children, snatching them away for the appetites of the great demon Adramelek. Amidst the darkness, the children, though young and vulnerable, are not without strength. They band together, drawing on the courage of their companions to protect themselves from the horrors that threaten to overwhelm them.

Yet hope remains. The faith and courage of those in the living world sustain the children, forming an ethereal bond that lessens their plight and forever wills them towards a way out, towards the gates of Paradise.

“Limbus Obscuria” is a tale of perseverance and resilience, as children fight against impossible odds to find each other and their way home. This thrilling and unique series will captivate readers of all ages, drawing them into a world of danger, adventure, and the unwavering power of the human spirit.